Requirements to publishers

The Adskeeper Publisher platform performs well for sites that reach 3,000+ unique visitors/day (or 90,000+ visitors/month). The decision for a website’s approval, or rejection, is sent to the publisher’s provided email within 24 hours after application submission; however, please note, if the moderation date occurs on a weekend, it will be processed within the next business day.

If your website was rejected, you can review the main reject reasons here.

Terms of Cooperation

Adskeeper does not work with websites that use click-generating methods of the non-human origin or bot traffic. Publishers who attempt to increase their earnings using said practices will be banned from the Adskeeper platform and denied revenue refund.

While there are no limitations to how many websites can be added to a single Adskeeper account or how many ad units can be used on the same webpage, please note, it is a prohibited practice to place more advertising than publisher-provided content.

Prohibited practices

Please make sure that your website does not violate any of our policies. For this, please read about our prohibited widget placement.  Also, here you can find about prohibited content and practices.