Reject reasons

  • Low rating 
    Your website is eligible to Adskeeper if you have at least 3,000 unique visitors per day. If your website was rejected with the reason 'Low rating', please provide your manager with the guest access to your Google Analytics to prove that your traffic meets our requirements. Your website will be reviewed within 24 hours.
  • The website could not be reached
    You will receive this rejection reason if our team could not access the content of your website due to an error. Please inspect the website’s connection, resolve any issues and email our managers to begin the review process again.
  • No content
    We are unable to review or moderate a website that does not contain content. We request that the website contains at least 10 posts. Once you add the content to your website, please verify you have more than 3000 unique daily visits. Then, you may request the remoderation of your site to our managers. 
  • Previous fraudulent activity
    If fraudulent activity was found on any of the websites in your account and were blocked by our Quality Assurance Department, your current account is limited to the websites that you currently have.
  • Redirects to another domain
    The website on moderation has been discovered to redirect to a different domain. Please fix the issue or add the domain in question to your account. Afterwards, please email us to request remoderation of your site.
  • Pornographic content
    Due to our policy, Adskeeper ads are prohibited to be displayed on webpages that contain adult advertisement or content. If you are able to remove such content, please do. Also, you can add other websites to your Dashboard, after making sure there's no adult content on them.