Explanations of CPC, CPM, RPM and other terms and their dependence on GEO

CPC - this is our main cooperation model, which stands for Cost Per Click. It means that publishers are paid based on the number of ad clicks regardless of the number of impressions it took to receive those clicks.
CPM - this pricing model stands for Cost per Mille (Cost per thousand impressions). Publishers are paid according to how many times the ad was shown.
CTR - the ratio of users who clicked on sponsored content within Adskeeper widget(s) to the number of Views with Visibility.
Visibility Rate - percentage of the Adskeeper widgets that were viewed by users. Is calculated by dividing the number of Views with Visibility by the number of page views according to MRC standards.
Views with Visibility - a number of pages with at least one Adskeeper widget viewed by a user. Is calculated according to MRC standards.
Page Views - a number of loaded pages that contained at least one Adskeeper widget.
vRPM - Revenue generated by a 1000 Views with Visibility. Is calculated by dividing revenue by the number of Views with Visibility multiplied by 1000.

Our CPM/CPC stats vary depending on GEO, device, platform, etc. To calculate the most approximate revenue you can achieve with Adskeeper tags, please refer to your personal account manager.