Adskeeper dashboard settings

Set up a new or open an existing advertising campaign in Dashboard:
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Add stages 1 to 3 of conversions (Interest, Desire, Action); in addition, an existing or a new goal may be chosen as well. Then, add the click_id = {click_id} parameter to Tracking Tags The name of the click_id parameter is arbitrary, but if desired, another name can be chosen. Please note, the {click_id} macro is required to transfer the hash.

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Voluum Dashboard Settings

1. Log into the Voluum panel and create a new traffic source: 

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2. Fill in the {click_id} macro (you may use additional macros to track specific metrics): 

Screenshot at Jun 01 15-54-29

3. The next step would be Postback URL implementation:

Screenshot 2021-05-31 at 10.29.30 

The Postback URL can be found in the advertising campaign settings in the Dashboard. It will look like this:


 * 123456 is a unique parameter for our system (e.g. the campaign ID) which will be transferred to our system alongside the status of the event. 


c={externalId} is Adskeeper’s click_id;

e={transactionId} a Postback goal identifier (Interest, Desire, Action) that is displayed in in form of this macro;

r = {payout} is an optional parameter to which conversion revenue can be transferred.



Transferring Postback to Voluum and its check

After customizing the Adskeeper Dashboard and Voluum, it is necessary to set up the transfer of Postback to Voluum tracker on a site or a landing page. Postback is transferred to Voluum by a POST request, the link to the request is taken from the Offer’s settings. The link should closely resemble this: http://atorget-ozonaming.com/postback?cid=REPLACE&payout=OPTIONAL&txid=OPTIONAL (Note: the domain may vary depending on the Voluum cabinet). In this case, we transfer the parameters: cid - internal Voluum’s click_id; txid - transaction id; and payout - an optional parameter but necessary to transfer revenue to our conversion. Any handy solution for transferring Postback to Voluum can be chosen, e.g. using JavaScript on the site or PHP on the server.



Checking Postback URL settings in Dashboard

This option was created so that the client could immediately check whether he had set everything up correctly on our side and his. During the check, clicks are not counted for the client, money for them is not debited, and the verification data is not included in statistics. To check the correctness of an advertising campaign and integration settings, there is an opportunity to check the operation of Postback.


To do this, switch to the “Advertisers" section” in the Dashboard of the advertising campaign, and follow the link indicated under the creative:
Screenshot at Jun 01 16-13-00

Set the target action (Order, Subscribe, Register, etc.). A test conversion will be displayed in total statistics of the client’s account within 15 minutes (test transactions are displayed in brackets):