1. Log in to the AdsKeeper Dashboard. Enter your login and password.

2. Add an ad campaign to Dashboard. To do this, click on the “Add campaign” button.

3. You got to the campaign creation menu. Next, fill in each field in General section of campaign creation menu. Use the buttons to better understand the options or each campaign creation step.

Note that the campaign type depends on the product or service you wish to advertise. So, for example, if you wish to advertise health&beauty niche product and conversion (CPA, CPL, CPI or any other target action that should be made by the user) is the goal for the promotion, then you should pick Product (native ads) or Push (push-notification ads) campaign type. 

4. Next step — Targeting settings: reach visitors from specific countries and their regions/states, devices and OS. 

Here's an example how you can select specific regions where your ads shall be seen for the users; add them to the list of regions in the GEO tab of the Targeting settings: 

Perform similar actions to set up targeting by browsers, browser/search language, and OS.


5. You may also set the schedule by choosing specific dates, days, and hours for your campaign to run on and set the daily limits (optional):

7. Tracking Tags settings.  

UTM tags (1) are required for tracking systems (Google Analytics, Yandex Metrics, etc.).

Custom tracking tags (2) are used to add any custom tracking parameters. 

8. Conversions Tracking
You may choose among the following tracking options:

Pixel: to install it, you need to place the code on your site. It is suitable for websites with a “thank you” page ("thank you for ordering"; "thank you"; etc.)
Postback: integration with an affiliate network, CRM or a third-party tracker (Keitaro, Binom, Beemob, etc.)
GTM / GA / YM: direct integration with popular Google and YANDEX services

9. Saving the Campaign

After you have set up the conversion tracking, you will be offered to save the campaign, and then go to the next section to create ads (teasers).


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